Expect a Full 360°C Turn Around.


I’m Anna, a licensed and insured BACP and NCS accredited intuitive psychotherapist based in London. My specialisation lies in supporting individuals dealing with difficult to solve mental health issues. Maybe it’s something you’ve been working on for a while but just can’t seem to over come.

This could be deep rooted anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, feelings of low self esteem or self work or anything else.

I work across mind – body – soul. Utilising the following modalities for each:

💫 Mind: Traditional psychotherapy using integrative CBT / REBT & a psychodynamic approach.

💫 Body: Optimising physical health, biohacking, nutrition & sleep.

💫 Soul: Theta healing. It’s a meditative practice where the practitioner works in the theta brain wave state (a very relaxed state). It works on the subconscious mind and releases traumas, regrets etc from its deepest roots.
Roots which often cannot be found using traditional psychotherapy. It also works to change negative fundamental beliefs. Psychic healing & energy plan a role in this fascinating practice!

Alignment of the conscious & subconscious is key.

Most people when they think of mental health think of traditional psychotherapy. It isn’t enough. Combining all three gets to the root of the problem and provides a lasting change.

As well as working with individuals on a one to one basis, I work with groups. I also run a therapy subscription service which offers a holistic range of help for continual support. I run workshops at various locations & appear on relevant podcasts.

I work privately as well as at the UKs largest mental health hospital.

New Clients

I offer an initial 15 minute complimentary call with all new clients. We can discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help.

Email: Enquire now, to find out more.

“Anna helped me hugely with my OCD in a particularly bad patch. She worked with me on the biggest issues down to the smallest and helped me each week tackle some. She would frequently have new techniques for me to try and was open to all feedback when some worked better than others! Even in weeks I felt like I didn’t achieve much she would remind me of the things I had managed! She also helped me see OCD traits I was doing that I wasn’t even aware of! She got the fine balance of pushing me out of my comfort zone but still making it manageable.”

“Anna is nothing short of exceptional. She remembers every detail and provides a very safe and friendly environment to be yourself in. She has given me the tools and confidence in how to be the best version of myself. I still see Anna regularly and find myself learning new techniques to cope with anxiety.”
“Anna, just want to say thanks so much for last night and I’m already looking forward to next weeks session. You are honestly helping me so much and I really look forward to our sessions. I feel like you really understand everything I say and you give me so much perspective and genuinely good advice. I honestly think starting sessions with you has been the best thing I’ve done in years.”

Triggers are the guide of where the healing is to do.


You can change the way you respond to triggers, or you can change the underlying belief that causes the trigger.